Looking for a socially-responsible, creative program for your event?

We give unused things
a second chance
, Let’s improve our motor skills and get inspired to create.

Choose from the menu or we can create a tailor-made workshop for you.

The workshop is mobile, So, let’s start our journey!


Do you want to enjoy a fun time full of creativity with your family, loved ones or friends?


We also like to create things so some of our products are available for purchase.

What do we do?

We organize creative recycling workshops where participants, under the guidance of instructors, explore new possibilities
to prevent waste and learn how to use items that are no longer needed. We participate in trade fairs and festivals. We visit schools, children's days, corporate events, and parties.
At the same time, we are able to tailor our activities to your specific "waste." For the National Gallery, we prepared a workshop where we made over-the-shoulder bags from old banners. Both the gallery's logo and works of world artists appeared on the products.

How it all started?

The "I'm Working on It" project was born during Christmas 2012 as a collaborative effort of friends Jan Šimsa and František Hanf.
A group of friends and enthusiasts soon joined them, all wanting to create together. Our first workshop was held at the Klubovna in Dejvice in the spring of 2013, marking the beginning of an era of creative workshops. We have organized more than a hundred of them.

What's next for us?

What‘s next for us?  Recently, we have been working on creating job opportunities for seniors and people with disabilities.
We are also preparing a comprehensive educational program for schools.

Through entertaining means, we foster creativity in both children and adults,
while raising awareness about waste prevention.


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